Our bidding team provides services to the employers, architects, front consultants during the design phases of the projects or pre-tendering processes such as pre-projecting of the project on the facade works, budget studies, material selection. If the facade works are in the process of being auctioned; Detailed price proposals are prepared considering all details such as project planning, material procurement, manufacturing, non-domestic transport, field mobilization, installation works and equipment.

In addition to the standard systems, we aim to offer the most suitable solutions in terms of building comfort, in line with the concept of the project architecture, thanks to the project-specific facade solutions and the flexibility that many manufactures can make in our own way. In parallel with developing and changing technology, architectural enjoyment and new construction in different geometry, we have always been our target to contribute to the development of innovative facade designs by expanding our knowledge, following new products and technologies and integrating them into our facade solutions.

Providing aesthetic and comfort requirements for projects while producing the most economical solutions is another goal. We offer engineering services such as alternative façade solutions, material selection to provide budget improvement in the direction of the demands of the clients or architects.

In the tender stages, not only price and detail services but also all information and documents which are important in the process such as business programs, construction methods, organization diagrams in the direction of the request of the employers are provided to the employer.