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Project Management

Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum, the pioneer in the aluminum facade sector, aims to respond with the most suitable facade solutions to each project with its expert staff, vast experience of having signed many projects and the projecting infrastructure compatible to the latest technology. Within our project department, there are different project teams and these teams carry out projects from the start to the delivery to the client, under the guidance of experienced project leaders.

Within the needs of the projects, we can use our standard systems and we can design project specific details and systems and apply them, as well. The process, starting with the receipt of project preliminary information from the bidding department, continues with contacting the Project responsibles such as employers, architects and consultants in person.

Projecting starts with preparation of principle details, static calculations, test & mock-up and these processes are followed by production drawings with the approval.

In our company, where the barcode system is used, since the barcoding process is performed before each manufacturing drawing is transferred to manufacturing, the products are traceable both at the manufacturing stage and after completing the mounting.

The fact that the projecting, production drawings and most of the manufacturing are carried out in our own company allows us to make rapid revision of the project in case there are some changes in the demand or the project during the projecting process. With the heat and condensation calculations during façade solutions and system design, the facades are manufactured in accordance with the required performance values mentioned in specifications and standards.

In the contemporary architecture where we face with quite different building geometries, static calculations are becoming more and more important in order to meet the demands of architects.

Our team also serves on static calculations which is one of the most important factors in determining the design of the façade.