Our Servıces


At the factory of Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc. located in Beylikdüzü; there are all kinds of necessary workshops for processing complementary facade elements such as galvanized sheet steel, light steel profiles, steel anchors; along with the aluminum joinery, facade manufacturing and mounting workshops, sheet processing workshops, glassworking workshops where structural silicones are applied. Furthermore, it is equipped with expert teams and equipment all of which are convenient enough for production. Our quality control team keeps all processes from raw material to product in compliance with the quality standards. Products that have been manufactured and packaged are stocked in open and closed stock areas ready for shipment.

Our company, which produces in world standards with its high technology, has accomplished many successful works both at home and abroad. In today's architecture, where drawing technology and 3D project design are quite advanced, we encounter many different facade designs. As a result of this differentiation, the building elements are also demanded in different geometries, and this affects the manufacturing methods. Our aim as a company is to provide and maintain the development of manufacturing equipment and all kinds of equipment in parallel with developing facade technology.